Cwm Hedd fly fishing 19th February 2016

Please note that the  Iain Barr Bankmasters heat scheduled for February 21st has been cancelled due to insufficient entries.Stock levels are high and with another delivery of Exmoor Fisheries rainbows just arrived, there are plenty of fish to be found.


Fishing’s been up and down over the last few days, with Thursday’s sunshine making anglers work hard. Luke Thomas reached his limit, taking one and returning ten. It was five each for Keith Higgins and Roy Western, three for Martin Williams and one for Bernie Davies. In rough weather on Wednesday when most stayed home, Ken Pascoe netted ten while it was five for Welsh International Sally Ann Iles.

Keith Higgins blistering his way to his bag limit at Cwm Hedd
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Some sunny if chilly weather last week  brought some excellent fishing for most, with very few blanking. On top form were Matt Russell, Lee Ashcroft and Ken Pascoe, all with ten fish;  Keith Cox with 6, Phil Roe, Josh Williams, Callum Russell and  Keith Higgins with five. Great to see  Mike James out and about using his own tied fly he dubbed a ‘mopper’ that tempted four lively rainbows. Also on four fish were Colin Poole, Gwyn Redman and Stephen Parsons.


Stewart Gordon took a well-earned break from home decorating and was delighted to net a Troutmasters entry: a cracking brown trout weighing in at 6 and a half pounds. It was three for newcomer Ian Baker, as well as Ashley Richards, Jeff Wilson and Joe Meadows.


Most anglers have again been on floating lines, with the most successful fly being a bloodworm, although it’s been quite a mixed bag in terms of flies, as has been the case throughout the winter.  The fish have been very high in the water and are taking off like steam trains, with one taking Callum Russell right down to the backing.

Welsh bank team trials – second heat 28th February 2016 at Cwm Hedd

If you want to trial for a place in the 2016 Welsh bank team, put your name forward for the 2nd heat at Cwm Hedd on Sunday 28th February. In addition to the heat entry fee the Cwm Hedd fishing ticket for the day will be £20.00, which includes a free bacon sandwich, tea/coffee on arrival. For further information e-mail James Miller or message James on the  Garnffrwd Fly Fishing facebook page.

The tag fish is still out there: entry £1 per visit for the chance to win£100 cash.   All cash collected over the £100 will be donated to charity.

 Open 8am-4.30pm Wednesday through to Sunday.  5 minutes from Junction 28 of the M4 Newport. Fishery rules, directions and further information on . Tel 07813 143 034 before 6pm; 01633 896854 (lodge during fly fishing opening hours).


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