Cwm Hedd fly fishing 28th February 2016

Tag fish

As the tag fish has still not been not been caught the prize money of £100 plus the extra £116 collected will now be donated to charity and no further competition entry fee will be charged. Should anyone catch it from now on, they will win a day ticket .

Welsh Bank Team Trials

We were very pleased to welcome  Jamie Miller from Garnffrwd, controllers and competitors for the second heat of the Welsh Bank Team trial that saw eight anglers battling it out for a place in this year’s international bank team.  Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 28th February 2016


Cwm Hedd fly fishing 19th February 2016

Please note that the  Iain Barr Bankmasters heat scheduled for February 21st has been cancelled due to insufficient entries.Stock levels are high and with another delivery of Exmoor Fisheries rainbows just arrived, there are plenty of fish to be found.


Fishing’s been up and down over the last few days, with Thursday’s sunshine making anglers work hard. Luke Thomas reached his limit, taking one and returning ten. It was five each for Keith Higgins and Roy Western, three for Martin Williams and one for Bernie Davies. Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 19th February 2016

Cwm Hedd fly fishing 24th January 2016 including forthcoming events

Hi everyone

With another top up of fish on Friday, the stock level is excellent, and  near perfect conditions over the weekend resulted in all anglers catching fish, the majority bringing good numbers to the net after taking their first for the table.  A timely buzzer added to the sport on Sunday, with top anglers Garry Wharton, Callum Russell and Matt Russell catching ten fish each.

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Watch Callum bringing one of his fish to the net

Island point

The booking system for the main island point is working really well. with so many more anglers getting the opportunity to fish this very popular platform. With a rule of one hour or four fish (whichever comes first), there’s been a good turnaround and plenty of fish caught.  Saturday early birds Paul Elsworthy and Alan Powell brought eight and five fish to the bank respectively, Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 24th January 2016 including forthcoming events

Cwm Hedd fly fishing 29th December 2015

Greetings everyone!

New stock arrived yesterday so we’re looking forward to some great fishing to see in the New Year. Plenty of fish are moving and feeding high in the water:  Floating lines have been the order of the day for just about everyone.  Bloodworm, cats whiskers, nymphs, Rob’s wrapped minky, montana and diawl bach have all been successful.

Luke Thomas
A lovely brown (returned) for Luke Thomas who also returned a blue amongst the eleven fish he caught on Boxing Day

Watch a video of Luke Thomas in action on the point of the main island on a very windy Boxing Day

Opening hours this week:

Wednesday 30th December: 8am-4pm

Thursday 31st New year’s Eve:  8am-3pm, last  admission 12 noon;

Friday 1st January- New Year’s Day – closed.

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd Jan: 8am-4pm.

The Welsh Senior Loch Style Team held a friendly  competition at  Cwm Hedd today to help them get to Lough Lien  in Ireland next May. Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 29th December 2015

Cwm Hedd fly fishing: weeks ending 8th and 15th November – wild and wet!

Week ending 15th November
Good evening

It’s blowing a hoolie and has been for most of the day and there’s no sign of it letting up.  Given the conditions I was expecting to be Billy No Mates in the lodge today, but several enthusiastic anglers  turned out to battle with the weather. The fish were very cooperative with all anglers taking and returning fish.

Mobile phone gone astray

I’m sorry to say that I imbibed too much alcohol last night and lost my ‘phone, so if you need to contact me send a facebook  message or an e-mail

Troutmasters hat trick for Kieron Jenkins

Kieron Jenkins caught and returned yet another big fish today, making ten altogether.   It wasn’t weighed but looks to be over 7lbs. Out in the wild and wet weather yesterday, Kieron  caught his third Troutmasters entry of this season, a cracking 7lb 13oz rainbow, bringing another five to the net. Awesome angling!

Also entering  Troutmasters earlier this week was Ken Pascoe with a 5lb 12oz rainbow, so it’s good to be seeing the bigger fish coming to the net.  Traditionalist Ken was very pleased to catch his (along with another six) with  a diawl bach and buzzers on a floating line, returning today to catch another five again using a diawl bach.  Kieron’s fish were tempted by the blob under a bung, so use whichever flies you enjoy using (as long as they are de-barbed/barbless of course).

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First in  yesterday was Paul Elsworthy, netting four on a montana and a floating line. Kristian Davies was also on good form in the driving rain, taking one and returning eight,  with  Matt and Callum Russell taking two and returning sixteen between them, Kristian and Matt on the blob under a bung and a floating line, Callum on minkies and a fast glass. Matt and Callum were back today netting eight fish between them. Callum’s enthusiasm is a pleasure to behold: he can’t wait to get out fishing no matter what the conditions as can be seen by these images from last week and from yesterday!

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Bernie Davies took one and returned five, a couple on FAB, two on nymphs and the rest on lures, delighted to have tied all his own flies.  It was Bernie’s second visit of the week, previously taking one  and returning three. Sally Ann Iles had three on bloodworm,  a green buzzer  and a yellow/orange buzzer.

IMG_3783 - Copy
The inimitable Sally Ann Iles!


First Cwm Hedd rainbow for Oliver Spear

As you can see below, Oliver Spear was over the moon when he took his first Cwm Hedd rainbow, a cracking specimen weighing just under 3lbs that was tempted by a gold and silver fry pattern on an intermediate line.

Oliver hits the jackpot!
Oliver hits the jackpot!

Jim Mckay, Colin Cox, Andrew Harvey, Chris Griffiths, Barry Powell, Gerald Williams, Gareth West, John Morgan, Steve Curtis, James Hawley, Paul Smith, Bob Mayers, Rhys Llywellyn, Stuart Thomas and Tony Hopkins  all took fish. Rhys took one and returned six: three on floating minkies, two on minky lures and two on a black uv snathcher. Stuart and Bob each brought four to the net.

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Ken Bowring was on great form as usual,  reaching his limit taking one and returning 10 tempting his fish with  a cats whisker, black lure and a muddler, while it was a hothead damsel for Lee Ashcroft, who took  one and returned 6.

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Point of island: time limit!

As the point of the main island has been quite a hotspot, I’ve had to impose a strict time limit to allow more anglers a chance to fish it. There’s now an hour and a half or a  four fish limit (whichever comes first), so if you want a chance of fishing it tell me when you arrive and I’ll book your place.

Tag fish

Three tag fish are still to be caught – the pot is currently £47 plus a day ticket for the first to be caught, so plenty of opportunity to bag a prize for the £1 entry.

Funky Fly Tying event Saturday 12th December

To brighten up the winter gloom Toby from Funky Fly Tying will be coming up to the lodge for a few hours from 10am on Saturday 12th December.  Toby will be bringing a selection of products available for purchase, as well as giving fly tying demonstrations, so if you’re coming fishing or just want to stock up on fly tying goodies or pick up some tips and have a chat, you’ll be welcome at the lodge.

Welsh Hearts raffle

Raffle tickets  will be on sale from Wednesday and the raffle will be drawn at the above event, with profit to the  Welsh Hearts  charity. Thanks to Kieron Jenkins who has donated an Airflo Super Stik rod (if you’re lucky enough to win it  maybe some of his talent will have rubbed off on it too!). Also thanks to Terry O’Shea for donating a veritable chocolate mountain  and to Jim McKay who has donated a quirky wine cover with an angling theme.  Further prizes for the raffle gratefully accepted of course.


Fishing Vouchers

This season’s fishing day ticket vouchers will be available from the lodge in the next few weeks, so drop a few hints to family and friend  if you’d like them to get you one for Christmas.

Bank Team Trials heat at Cwm Hedd

Cwm Hedd is very pleased to be hosting the second heat of the 2016 Bank Team trials on February 28th 2016. The information and contact details courtesy of Jamie at Garnffrwyd is below.

‘So here it is your chance to fish for your Country. If Fly Fishing is your hobby or maybe you are already a seasoned International fly fisher then why not put your name forward to trial for a place in the 2016 Bank Team.
The 2016 International competition will be hosted by Wales and will again return to one of the UK’s top still waters Garnffrwd Trout Fishery.
The trials for the team will consist of two heats and one final trial. The first heat will be held at Garnffrwd on the 13th of December 2015. The second heat will be fished at the excellent Cwm Hedd Trout Fishery in Newport Gwent, on the 28th of February 2016.
The top placed 50% from each heat will then go on to fish the final which will be on the 17th April at Garnffrwd.
Expect it to be a challenge, rewarding and an experienced you will cherish for a lifetime.’
For further information e-mail James Miller or message James on the Garnffrwd Fly Fishing  facebook page

And finally…

When the elements have thrown everything at your  ‘waterproof’ clothing, make a dash for the toastie warmth of the lodge, although the image of Ken Pascoe and Keith Higgins below was taken on a more clement day last week!

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Week ending Sunday 8th November

Wet, wet and wetter has been the order of the week, but the downpours have not dampened the spirits of those who have braved the elements.  As is often the case there has been some excellent fishing in the worst of the weather.  Paul Elsworthy (Images below) arrived for opening time on Saturday and was back in the lodge just after 10, a little damp but delighted to have taken one rainbow and released ten: pretty good going!  Using a floating line, Paul caught the first two with a white fritz then switched to a montana, the latter proving irresistible to the rainbows.

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Wednesday was the most difficult day, with most taking fish but not finding it easy to bring more  to the net, although Ken Bowring took one and released eight switching between floating and intermediate lines, with a cats whisker and a black and green damsel.  Jim McKay took two fish on a  tadpole and floating line, while Lee Ashcroft caught six once I had taken myself and my camera back to the lodge!  In general through the week there were some inevitable dry nets which gave rise to frustration and head scratching ,  but overall the fishing has been very good.


As the week progressed and the weather worsened there was an increase in the numbers of fish caught, with the best days being Friday and Saturday bringing a rod average of over 5, dropping to just under 4 on Sunday.

The three tag fish that were delivered with the fresh stock last week have so far evaded capture.  As a rule they tend to get caught quite quickly so I’m expecting to be paying out to lucky anglers this week!  If two are caught on the same day the first angler gets whatever’s in the pot plus a day ticket; the second angler gets a day ticket and the pot starts again etc.  Entry is £1.  maximum pot is £100, with any cash in excess going to charity.

The point of the main island and the far bank are fairly consistent ‘hotspots’, so it’s always good to see anglers trying out different areas.  Working their way around the lake and finishing up on the platforms along the front Christian Jones and Rhys Llewellyn had some very good sport towards the end of the day on Sunday in the gathering gloom.  both using minkies and floating lines, Rhys  brought five rainbows to the net while it was seven for Christian. Christian advice is to not be too worried casting over weedy areas as this is where many fish are to be found in abundance: just pull the line quickly over the top of the weed and most of the time the only thing to be caught will be fish.

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Huw Davies netted a lovely brown on his visit, working his way around the lake including the wading area as did Luke Thomas, who had taken his first four of eleven rainbows off the main island.

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Good to see a number of anglers making their first visit to Cwm Hedd or returning for the first time this season,  amongst them  Tony and Oliver Spear, James Williams,   Mark Rees, Martin Davies, Neil Thomas,   James Williams and  Adrian Moyse, the latter taking one and releasing  seven.  Martin took one and released five.

The majority have used floating lines this week, although a good many have used intermediate.  Also Using slow glass and fast glass lines, regulars Matt Russell and Callum Russell made two visits over the weekend catching thirty fish between them, while  Stuart Thomas’s seven fish on Friday were tempted by three different flies; Mark and John Gunter brought fifteen rainbows to the bank between them.

Looking through the range of successful flies this week  it seems that the recommendation could be ‘whatever you have confidence in’ as they are so many and varied: black and green damsel/montana/fritz/ tadpole/dancer;  cats whisker, blob, minky, white fluff cat, white fritz, pinky, olive fluff cat, shipman’s buzzer, orange thorax pheasant tail, coral egg fly, dawson’s olive…

The weather’s looking pretty grim for this week, with plenty of rain about, so if you do venture out there should be plenty of platform choice!

Have a good week and tight lines if you come fishing!

Open Wednesday-Sunday 8am-5pm: last admission 2pm;  closed Mondays and Tuesdays.  Tel 07813 143 034 before 6pm; 01633 896854 (lodge during fly fishing opening hours). Fishery rules and further information on


Gwyn Williams Memorial Competition Saturday 16th May 2015

Many thanks  to all who took part and helped in the memorial day for my lovely brother Gwyn who died in October 2013 of a rare form of cancer called synovial sarcoma.  The event raised a much appreciated £1032.40 for Help For Heroes.   Eighteen anglers competed for the Ken Bowring Challenge cup, kindly donated by Ken and  presented by him  to Graham Davies who won the cup and a day ticket by scoring  11 points for most fish caught over the day.  Sally Ann Iles and Keith Cox tied for second place scoring 7 points each, closely followed by Paul Embley, Jason Williams, Kieron Jenkins and Garry Wharton on 6 points each.

Platform draw cards laid out with military precision (well almost!)
Platform draw cards laid out with military precision (well almost!)

An Airflo Super Stik rod generously donated by Matthew Russell was won by Kieron Jenkins, who caught the heaviest fish weighing 8lbs 14ounces. Kieron thoughtfully donated the rod back to Cwm Hedd to be given as a prize in a future competition, and gave his day ticket prize to the youngest  competitor Callum Russell,  considerate  actions  in tune with the spirit of the day.

Day tickets were also won by Vernon Wiiliams, Callum Russell, and Roger Martyn, the three additional anglers with the heaviest fish of the day, with Vernon’s at 5lbs 6oz, Callum 2lb 10oz and Roger Martyn’s 2lb 9oz.  As the youngest angler in the competition 12 year old Callum was also presented with a Greys GRX fly line donated by Ken Bowring.

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A fabulous ‘Gone Fishing’ cake made and donated by Lauren Mills was won by Paul Embley who correctly guessed the weight; Iestyn Wilmot guessed the correct number of sweets in a jar (thanks to Rhiannon Gardiner for the jar of sweets), so the guys had better  watch their waistlines!

Fabulous 'Gone Fishing' cake made and donated  by Lauren Mills
Fabulous ‘Gone Fishing’ cake made and donated by Lauren Mills

Diana Macrae, co-ordinator for Help for Heroes spoke about the important work done by the charity  and thanked everyone for their generosity, congratulating winners on their achievements.

The day was a triumph of team work leading up to the event and on the day, with volunteers contributing to  lake and lodge  maintenance, liaising with Help for Heroes, organising and distributing posters and entry forms, shopping, making or selling refreshments, running the barbecue, washing-up, pegging out the platforms, registering entrants, collecting the money and dealing with all the admin – and they myriad things that are essential to the smooth running of an event. So many people gave their time and effort without expecting  or wanting any reward or recognition, including those who donated money or  prizes.    It was a very fitting memorial to Gwyn  and  a  fitting tribute to those in need of  Help For Heroes. Thanks to all


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Gwyn Williams

Cwm Hedd 23rd March 2015 – floating lines with something small and perfectly formed!

Croesheolydd Farm, Bassaleg, Newport, NP10 8RW.  5 mins J 28 M4

Monday and Tuesday: closed; Wednesday – Sunday; last admission 3.30pm.  Gates closed at 6.15(or at 3.30 if everyone has left by then).

Hi everyone

Well it’s been quite a week at Cwm Hedd, culminating in the South Wales heat for the Iain Barr World Bank Masters competition on Sunday. Congratulations to Kieron Jenkins on taking first place with exceptional angling on a very challenging day, catching  8 fish for 13 points ,  7  on an olive shipman’s buzzer fished around the margins. One of the toughest aspects of the competition of course was that anglers were restricted to the six platforms they had drawn randomly at the beginning of the day, so Kieron demonstrated his outstanding skill by taking a fish on five of his six platforms, with a further three fish from one of the platforms drawn  in front of the lodge.

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Ten anglers battled it out,  with further congratulations to another three who have also made it through to the final at Elinor lake in Northants in April: Keith Cox in second place with 9 points for six fish; Kristian Davies, third with 6 points (four fish), while in fourth place was Matthew Russell – also on 6 points with three fish. Plenty of fish were showing in the morning but the bright sun from midday onward made for some very tough fishing: a hard fought competition that tested everyone’s skill and patience. Thanks to all who took part and the very best of luck to those who go forward to the final.

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Heaviest fish

The heaviest fish of the day  was taken by Anthony Jones from Kidwelly, who won a day ticket for his  rainbow weighing in at 3lbs 5oz, which will be entered into the Trout Masters competition.

Anthony Jones with the heaviest fish
Anthony Jones with the heaviest fish

Excellent fishing and plenty of feeding fish on the top

Although Sunday was tough, in general fishing has been excellent this week, with the lakes brimful of feeding fish topping all around.  It’s fair to say the stock levels are probably higher than they have ever been, so with shrewd platform choices and methods you should be able to find fish willing to offer themselves up to you.

It was a pleasure to see Ken Bowring returning to top form,  fishing off the main island, taking two and returning 10 on a damsel and sink-tip, also used by Roger Martyn who took one and also returned ten

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As a warm up to Sunday’s  comp, Kieron Jenkins took one and returned 10 on a shipman’s buzzer, muskins and a floating line.  The floating line was by far the most popular choice this week, so I’ll only note any variations for the rest of the report. Continue reading Cwm Hedd 23rd March 2015 – floating lines with something small and perfectly formed!