The ‘best day ever’ for Andy Wattson

Coaching event with Wales international anglers raises over £400 for the Welsh ladies Fly Fishing team

Well it’s been quite a week at Cwm Hedd:  The coaching event was a great success on Saturday, thoroughly enjoyed by all and raising over £400 for the WSTAA Ladies International team.  Although a tad chilly at times, the generally  favourable weather saw plenty of sunshine along with a mostly benign wind that allowed everyone to get the best out of the day.

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A busy day at the lake

International anglers were in great demand from 10am, clocking up over 25 hours of coaching between them over the day, with some giving up their lunch break to coach so no one would be disappointed. Ken Bowring and Bob Mayers were kept very busy in the lodge which was a hive of activity for fly tying and fishing talk and general bonhomie.

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Andy Wattson summed up the feelings of many when he commented that he was extremely grateful to his coach  Jason Williams and everyone else who had made it ‘the best day ever’.

The 'best day ever' for Andy Wattson coached by Jason Williams
The ‘best day ever’ for Andy Wattson coached by Jason Williams


Fly fishing for all

A life-long passion for many, there was more than seventy years between the youngest and oldest on Saturday 21st Feb, with the shared interest a pleasure to see.  It was very encouraging to see so many young anglers on the water:   Rhys Whitney, Ieuan Williams, Rebekah Davies, Callum Russell, Jamie block and Owen Thomas are all under 18 and demonstrated an impressive commitment to improving their skills.  The youngest  of all my nephew Morgan (aged 6) and my granddaughter Phoebe (aged 7) were  full of questions and enthusiasm.  Trying to master figures of eight (dubbed  ‘eight figures’ by  Phoebe) is no mean feat  when you have small hands!


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All in all a very successful day enjoyed by all!






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