Cwm Hedd fly fishing 24th January 2016 including forthcoming events

Hi everyone

With another top up of fish on Friday, the stock level is excellent, and  near perfect conditions over the weekend resulted in all anglers catching fish, the majority bringing good numbers to the net after taking their first for the table.  A timely buzzer added to the sport on Sunday, with top anglers Garry Wharton, Callum Russell and Matt Russell catching ten fish each.

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Watch Callum bringing one of his fish to the net

Island point

The booking system for the main island point is working really well. with so many more anglers getting the opportunity to fish this very popular platform. With a rule of one hour or four fish (whichever comes first), there’s been a good turnaround and plenty of fish caught.  Saturday early birds Paul Elsworthy and Alan Powell brought eight and five fish to the bank respectively, Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 24th January 2016 including forthcoming events


Cwm Hedd 23rd March 2015 – floating lines with something small and perfectly formed!

Croesheolydd Farm, Bassaleg, Newport, NP10 8RW.  5 mins J 28 M4

Monday and Tuesday: closed; Wednesday – Sunday; last admission 3.30pm.  Gates closed at 6.15(or at 3.30 if everyone has left by then).

Hi everyone

Well it’s been quite a week at Cwm Hedd, culminating in the South Wales heat for the Iain Barr World Bank Masters competition on Sunday. Congratulations to Kieron Jenkins on taking first place with exceptional angling on a very challenging day, catching  8 fish for 13 points ,  7  on an olive shipman’s buzzer fished around the margins. One of the toughest aspects of the competition of course was that anglers were restricted to the six platforms they had drawn randomly at the beginning of the day, so Kieron demonstrated his outstanding skill by taking a fish on five of his six platforms, with a further three fish from one of the platforms drawn  in front of the lodge.

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Ten anglers battled it out,  with further congratulations to another three who have also made it through to the final at Elinor lake in Northants in April: Keith Cox in second place with 9 points for six fish; Kristian Davies, third with 6 points (four fish), while in fourth place was Matthew Russell – also on 6 points with three fish. Plenty of fish were showing in the morning but the bright sun from midday onward made for some very tough fishing: a hard fought competition that tested everyone’s skill and patience. Thanks to all who took part and the very best of luck to those who go forward to the final.

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Heaviest fish

The heaviest fish of the day  was taken by Anthony Jones from Kidwelly, who won a day ticket for his  rainbow weighing in at 3lbs 5oz, which will be entered into the Trout Masters competition.

Anthony Jones with the heaviest fish
Anthony Jones with the heaviest fish

Excellent fishing and plenty of feeding fish on the top

Although Sunday was tough, in general fishing has been excellent this week, with the lakes brimful of feeding fish topping all around.  It’s fair to say the stock levels are probably higher than they have ever been, so with shrewd platform choices and methods you should be able to find fish willing to offer themselves up to you.

It was a pleasure to see Ken Bowring returning to top form,  fishing off the main island, taking two and returning 10 on a damsel and sink-tip, also used by Roger Martyn who took one and also returned ten

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As a warm up to Sunday’s  comp, Kieron Jenkins took one and returned 10 on a shipman’s buzzer, muskins and a floating line.  The floating line was by far the most popular choice this week, so I’ll only note any variations for the rest of the report. Continue reading Cwm Hedd 23rd March 2015 – floating lines with something small and perfectly formed!

Cwm Hedd 9th March – damsel or buzzer? Squirmy or spermy?

Fishing well –   another stock top-up on the way!

The middle of the week was tough but fishing conditions improved dramatically as the week went on with a good number of anglers taking at least one fish and those on catch and release also  having very good sport on Friday and over the weekend,  more returning higher numbers of fish than in  previous weeks. As a result another top up of Exmoor Fisheries’  rainbows are arriving this week, including stock for the lodge pond (see details below).

Graham Davies was on great form on Friday with a uv damsel  and intermediate line, taking one and putting ten back including two browns. Continue reading Cwm Hedd 9th March – damsel or buzzer? Squirmy or spermy?

Iain Barr Bank Masters Heat at Cwm Hedd Sunday 22nd March 2015

Hurry if you want to enter the Cwm Hedd heat for the Iain Barr Bank Masters 2015.  The heat will  take place on Sunday 22nd March, so only three weeks to go!
  • The final will be fished at Elinor Trout Fishery , Northamptonshire on April 19th 2014, where the first prize will be £2000.00 and where Sky Sports Tight Lines will be filming.
  • Multiple entries (at various venues)are allowed – there are no limits to the number of heats you can fish.  Each angler will receive a Free Airflo Line and Iain Barr Fly Pack worth £50
  • Heat prizes and wild card prizes
  • Depending on the number of entries approximately one angler in five at each heat  will qualify for the final

Visit Iain Barr Fly Fishing  for more details of the competition heats and  how to enter the Cwm Hedd heat for this prestigious event. The latest competition news is also available  on Iain Barr World Bank Masters facebook page

In addition to the competition Bank Masters entry fee the Cwm Hedd ticket for the day will be £22.50 payable in advance

Cwm Hedd Iain Barr Bank Masters Match Rules (see Match Day Format below for further details)

(Please first  familiarise yourself with the general fishery rules, which  must be adhered to , other than where exceptions have been made for the match rules)

Barbless or de-barbed hooks only.

A maximum of 3 flies to be used on any one cast. No boobies, no double hooks.

The first fish must be taken (ie rainbow or blue trout: all brown trout to be returned).  One fish to be taken during the competition:  all other fish to be returned

Catches to be recorded by individual anglers on his/her score card, then signed off  by competitors to the right/left during each interval.

Up to five fish per may be caught per platform, with 6 platforms allocated per angler at the beginning of the day

The weight of the killed fish will be used as a tie-breaker if two or more anglers happen to finish with the same number of fish recorded.

If any angler catches his/her quota off a platform,  he/she must stop fishing until the next session begins on the next allocated platform.  If time permits anglers may return to the lodge.


 Match Day Format:

7.30 pm: Gates open

Confirm your arrival at the registration table and collect copy of rules

Tea/coffee available on arrival.

8-9 am:   Bacon rolls available NB Please bring a packed lunch

9.15: Briefing, introduction to officials, plus any queries addressed

9.30: Draw for platforms, score cards given out.

9.45 am: competitors to lakeside

10 am Competition start

Each platform will be fished for 45 minutes, with a ten minute break between each session to allow time to get to the next allocated platform and set up.

Competition  session times:


10 am-10.45


11.50-12.35 pm

Return to the weighing-in station where the weight of your one fish taken will be recorded and your fish can be kept in the fridge in a labelled bag (please bring a carrier bag).

Lunch break 12.35-1.35

Afternoon fishing:



3.25-4.10 pm

Return to the weighing-in station at the lodge (if you did not get your one fish in the morning session).

4.10-5 pm – tea/coffee/refreshments  while scores are collated and recorded

5 pm – winners announced and prizes given out.