Cwm Hedd fly fishing 31st January 2016

The continuous appalling weather has kept most anglers away, so I am very grateful indeed to those who have ventured out. At least the fish don’t mind the bad weather in the slightest, and with stock level high there are plenty of them in tip top condition to test anglers’ skills.

2016 TM LOGO

Alan Powell caught a cracking Troutmasters entry off the far bank on Saturday, a 9lb 8oz rainbow caught on Alan’s first cast off the platform, using a black emerger and a midge tip line. Not long after Paul Elsworthy caught a superb 4lb 3oz rainbow, to add to his other five caught,  using  a black emerger and montana with a floating line.

Paul Elsworty

Top anglers of the week were Craig Bowles (10), Matt Russell (10) and Brian Haynes (8), Craig using a damsel and cats whisker, Matt an apps bloodworm and Brian a rubber-legged daddy and his own version of an Ally McCoist. Young Callum Russell returned four and was unfortunate to lose several.

Brian Haynes

Weed clearing

We are making great progress with weed clearing, so plenty of platforms very fishable in the most popular areas. Thanks to Ken Pascoe, my husband Chris and son Tom for their sterling work.

A couple of images below, plus this video to give you an idea of the horrible weather conditions for the weed pulling marathon this week!

Chris Kilby taking a well deserved break from weed clearing at Cwm Hedd



Lines and flies

Most anglers have been on floating lines, with a variety of flies used, including the black emerger, olive damsel, brown hopper, rubber-legged daddy, cats whisker and  apps bloodworm.

February events

Iain Barr Bankmasters heat 21st February, Welsh bank Team trials, 2nd heat 28th February

The  heat for the Iain Barr Bankmasters will be held on February 21st at Cwm Hedd.  Visit for details on how to enter.  In addition to the competition entry fee the Cwm Hedd fishing ticket for the day will be £20.00, which includes a free bacon sandwich, tea/coffee on arrival.Bank Masters image

Welsh bank team trials – second heat 28th February 2016 at Cwm Hedd Bank

If you want to trial for a place in the 2016 Welsh bank team, put your name forward for the 2nd heat at Cwm Hedd on Sunday 28th February (you must enter in advance of the day). In addition to the heat entry fee the Cwm Hedd fishing ticket for the day will be £20.00, which includes a free bacon sandwich, tea/coffee on arrival.  For further information e-mail James Miller or message James on the  Garnffrwd Fly Fishing facebook page.

Fly box raffle winner

Congratulations to Lee Williams, the lucky winner of the fly box containing 160 flies tied by Matt Russell. Well done Lee!

Tag fish and charity box

The tag fish is still there for the taking and will net one lucky angler £100 cash.  Entry £1 per visit.  All cash collected over the £100 will be donated to charity, along with the £62 that was collected from the sale of donated miscellaneous fly tying materials etc

I’m very pleased to hear that Andy Wattson is making reasonable progress and we hope he continues to improve.  All the best Andy!  🙂


Cwm Hedd fly fishing 24th January 2016 including forthcoming events

Hi everyone

With another top up of fish on Friday, the stock level is excellent, and  near perfect conditions over the weekend resulted in all anglers catching fish, the majority bringing good numbers to the net after taking their first for the table.  A timely buzzer added to the sport on Sunday, with top anglers Garry Wharton, Callum Russell and Matt Russell catching ten fish each.

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Watch Callum bringing one of his fish to the net

Island point

The booking system for the main island point is working really well. with so many more anglers getting the opportunity to fish this very popular platform. With a rule of one hour or four fish (whichever comes first), there’s been a good turnaround and plenty of fish caught.  Saturday early birds Paul Elsworthy and Alan Powell brought eight and five fish to the bank respectively, Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 24th January 2016 including forthcoming events

Cwm Hedd Fly Fishing 11th January 2016

Good morning!

Aside from nearly resorting to flippers and snorkel at times there have been some rare decent weather intervals this week with some good fishing to be had.  A few have blanked, but most anglers have caught fish (not necessarily all getting as far as the net with them, but at least enjoying the frisson of excitement before the fish have other ideas).


Floating lines

A predominance of floating lines continues, with Matt Russell bringing thirteen to the net over two visits while it was five for Matt’s son Callum.  Matt thinks he may have lost as many as he caught, but we won’t dwell on that… Continue reading Cwm Hedd Fly Fishing 11th January 2016

Cwm Hedd fly fishing 3rd January 2016

Good evening everyone

‘Il pleut’ as they say in France.  I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of the wet stuff now.  Most of my days in the last few months seem to have involved much mud – either trudging through it, falling in it and getting plastered with it or simply looking at rivers of it and sighing deeply.  The one stream of mud that most took me by surprise was the one that breached the door step at the back of the lodge and temporarily flooded the toilet block during a storm as you can see  here captured on video.

Click here to see hubs come to the rescue.

Water at its highest

The water level is the highest it’s ever been as the sluice can’t keep pace with the volume of water that’s pouring out of the sky, down the stream and off the fields – and the boards are jammed tight in the sluice so we can’t shift them at the moment to let more water out. Although the lake is mostly spring fed, the stream that enters in the corner of the bay to the north west of the lodge has become a torrent and even breached the bank of the pond that traps silt, so has chucked silt into the main lake.


The lake is so high that the water has even breached the bank of the main island and is overflowing into its central hollow where there is (fortunately)  a pipe to take away excess water.



You don’t expect to be worrying about weed growth in the middle of winter, but the weed has been problematic in the last few weeks due to the weirdly high temperatures,  and was a frustration for a number of competitors in the loch style team fundraiser on Tuesday.  There are plenty of fishable platforms but as comp rules dictate which platforms to fish from some were inevitably stuck on very difficult areas. Yesterday we trialled a method of pulling out large amounts of weed: it was very successful, but we will be taking all the wooden rails out both sides of the path along the front of the lake to drag the weed out when it’s pulled to the edge. Thanks to my son Tom,  Matt and Callum Russell, Kieron Jenkins, Luke Thomas and Huw Davies for helping with  the trial.

Good news!

Fortunately fish are quite keen on plenty of rain, so as long as you have decent waterproofs and a sense of humour it’s worth coming out. Some have inevitably blanked or found it challenging, but a number have had considerable success such as Luke Thomas (10 and 7),  Matt Russell(10 and 7),  Callum Russell (7 and 4) Mark Miles(7). Luke ended 2015 on a high, returning a large brown trout weighing in at 7lbs 2 oz,  from the point of the main island, using a snake fly and a slow glass.  The loch style fundraiser saw David Matthews taking 1st place with ten fush, Lee James in second place with five fish and 3rd was Neil Anthony with three fish.  Congratulations to all in tough conditions.


Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas

Matt started 2016 on an equal high by catching the same fish off the far bank on an intermediate and a fluff cat.

Matt Russell
Matt Russell


Garry Wharton also caught a cracking brown off the small island and another three rainbows on an orange blob and a floating line.

Garry Wharton
Garry Wharton

Tim Wellman and Huw Davies had a great day on Saturday with five fish each, Tim on a squirmy and a floating line, Huw on an apps bloodworm.  It was great to see a lady angler, Sally Clark amongst the newcomers, with friend Rich Gabb who took a fish on a little black lure and returned another on a cats whisker.

Tim Wellman
Tim Wellman
Andy Wattson

All of you who have met regular Andy Wattson will be sorry to hear that he is quite poorly at the moment.  We wish him the very best and hope he’ll be well enough to come fishing again soon.  Here’s Andy on his first visit to Cwm Hedd, being coached by Jason Williams, a day which Andy said was his ‘best ever’:

The 'best ever' day for Andy Wattson, coached by Jason Williams at Cwm Hedd

I wish all of you health and happiness for 2016


Tel 07813 143 034 before 6pm; 01633 896854 (lodge during fly fishing opening hours). Fishery rules and further information on

Cwm Hedd fly fishing 29th December 2015

Greetings everyone!

New stock arrived yesterday so we’re looking forward to some great fishing to see in the New Year. Plenty of fish are moving and feeding high in the water:  Floating lines have been the order of the day for just about everyone.  Bloodworm, cats whiskers, nymphs, Rob’s wrapped minky, montana and diawl bach have all been successful.

Luke Thomas
A lovely brown (returned) for Luke Thomas who also returned a blue amongst the eleven fish he caught on Boxing Day

Watch a video of Luke Thomas in action on the point of the main island on a very windy Boxing Day

Opening hours this week:

Wednesday 30th December: 8am-4pm

Thursday 31st New year’s Eve:  8am-3pm, last  admission 12 noon;

Friday 1st January- New Year’s Day – closed.

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd Jan: 8am-4pm.

The Welsh Senior Loch Style Team held a friendly  competition at  Cwm Hedd today to help them get to Lough Lien  in Ireland next May. Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 29th December 2015

Cwm Hedd Fly fishing report 20th December – Merry Christmas everyone!

A very merry Christmas to all of you!

Christmas and New Year opening hours:

Mondays and Tuesdays: closed (as normal). Christmas Eve and New year’s Eve:  8am-3pm, last  admission 12 noon; Christmas Day and New Year’s Day: closed.

Boxing Day:  8am-4pm:  Cwm Hedd will be open as usual for all anglers,  with an option to also enter the Biggest Fish Challenge (day ticket charge applies for ‘Challenge’ entrants: free bacon sandwich & tea/coffee included). Take any one of eleven fish (rather than the first).  Browns or fish judged to be 5lbs or over to be temporarily kept in the net for official weighing before release.    Day ticket prizes awarded for the top three heaviest fish.  Fishing ends at 4pm for all anglers.

Fishing has been tough for some but excellent for others.  Overall the fishing has been good considering the weather conditions: fishing high in the water with lures has been the most consistent method, Continue reading Cwm Hedd Fly fishing report 20th December – Merry Christmas everyone!

Cwm Hedd fly fishing news 13th December 2015, with Christmas and New Year opening hours!

Season’s greetings to you all

Thanks to Toby from  Funky Fly Tying  for bringing some festive cheer to the lodge on another wet and windy Saturday.  Anglers enjoyed perusing the range of great products, and appreciated the fly tying help and advice.

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The raffle raised £95.00 for  Welsh Hearts , with the Airflo Super Stik rod kindly donated by Kieron Jenkins being won by a delighted Phil Roe, who has yet to collect his prize!

Congratulations to Phil Roe, winner of the Airflo Super Stik rod in the Cwm Hedd raffle
Congratulations to Phil Roe, winner of the Airflo Super Stik rod in the Cwm Hedd raffle
For sale!

Boost the raffle proceeds by purchasing one of the items (fly tying materials and fly fishing books) donated by Vernon Williams & Matt Russell,   priced at £1 minimum donation per item.

Fishing update

No doubt the continuing bad weather along with Christmas shopping has contributed to a quiet week overall, although a glorious Wednesday brought a good number out to enjoy some very good fishing.  Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing news 13th December 2015, with Christmas and New Year opening hours!