Cwm Hedd fly fishing 28th February 2016

Tag fish

As the tag fish has still not been not been caught the prize money of £100 plus the extra £116 collected will now be donated to charity and no further competition entry fee will be charged. Should anyone catch it from now on, they will win a day ticket .

Welsh Bank Team Trials

We were very pleased to welcome  Jamie Miller from Garnffrwd, controllers and competitors for the second heat of the Welsh Bank Team trial that saw eight anglers battling it out for a place in this year’s international bank team.  Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 28th February 2016


Cwm Hedd fly fishing 19th February 2016

Please note that the  Iain Barr Bankmasters heat scheduled for February 21st has been cancelled due to insufficient entries.Stock levels are high and with another delivery of Exmoor Fisheries rainbows just arrived, there are plenty of fish to be found.


Fishing’s been up and down over the last few days, with Thursday’s sunshine making anglers work hard. Luke Thomas reached his limit, taking one and returning ten. It was five each for Keith Higgins and Roy Western, three for Martin Williams and one for Bernie Davies. Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 19th February 2016

Cwm Hedd fly fishing 31st January 2016

The continuous appalling weather has kept most anglers away, so I am very grateful indeed to those who have ventured out. At least the fish don’t mind the bad weather in the slightest, and with stock level high there are plenty of them in tip top condition to test anglers’ skills.

2016 TM LOGO

Alan Powell caught a cracking Troutmasters entry off the far bank on Saturday, a 9lb 8oz rainbow caught on Alan’s first cast off the platform, using a black emerger and a midge tip line. Not long after Paul Elsworthy caught a superb 4lb 3oz rainbow, to add to his other five caught,  using  a black emerger and montana with a floating line.

Paul Elsworty

Top anglers of the week were Craig Bowles (10), Matt Russell (10) and Brian Haynes (8), Craig using a damsel and cats whisker, Matt an apps bloodworm and Brian a rubber-legged daddy and his own version of an Ally McCoist. Young Callum Russell returned four and was unfortunate to lose several.

Brian Haynes

Weed clearing

We are making great progress with weed clearing, so plenty of platforms very fishable in the most popular areas. Thanks to Ken Pascoe, my husband Chris and son Tom for their sterling work.

A couple of images below, plus this video to give you an idea of the horrible weather conditions for the weed pulling marathon this week!

Chris Kilby taking a well deserved break from weed clearing at Cwm Hedd



Lines and flies

Most anglers have been on floating lines, with a variety of flies used, including the black emerger, olive damsel, brown hopper, rubber-legged daddy, cats whisker and  apps bloodworm.

February events

Iain Barr Bankmasters heat 21st February, Welsh bank Team trials, 2nd heat 28th February

The  heat for the Iain Barr Bankmasters will be held on February 21st at Cwm Hedd.  Visit for details on how to enter.  In addition to the competition entry fee the Cwm Hedd fishing ticket for the day will be £20.00, which includes a free bacon sandwich, tea/coffee on arrival.Bank Masters image

Welsh bank team trials – second heat 28th February 2016 at Cwm Hedd Bank

If you want to trial for a place in the 2016 Welsh bank team, put your name forward for the 2nd heat at Cwm Hedd on Sunday 28th February (you must enter in advance of the day). In addition to the heat entry fee the Cwm Hedd fishing ticket for the day will be £20.00, which includes a free bacon sandwich, tea/coffee on arrival.  For further information e-mail James Miller or message James on the  Garnffrwd Fly Fishing facebook page.

Fly box raffle winner

Congratulations to Lee Williams, the lucky winner of the fly box containing 160 flies tied by Matt Russell. Well done Lee!

Tag fish and charity box

The tag fish is still there for the taking and will net one lucky angler £100 cash.  Entry £1 per visit.  All cash collected over the £100 will be donated to charity, along with the £62 that was collected from the sale of donated miscellaneous fly tying materials etc

I’m very pleased to hear that Andy Wattson is making reasonable progress and we hope he continues to improve.  All the best Andy!  🙂

Cwm Hedd fly fishing 29th December 2015

Greetings everyone!

New stock arrived yesterday so we’re looking forward to some great fishing to see in the New Year. Plenty of fish are moving and feeding high in the water:  Floating lines have been the order of the day for just about everyone.  Bloodworm, cats whiskers, nymphs, Rob’s wrapped minky, montana and diawl bach have all been successful.

Luke Thomas
A lovely brown (returned) for Luke Thomas who also returned a blue amongst the eleven fish he caught on Boxing Day

Watch a video of Luke Thomas in action on the point of the main island on a very windy Boxing Day

Opening hours this week:

Wednesday 30th December: 8am-4pm

Thursday 31st New year’s Eve:  8am-3pm, last  admission 12 noon;

Friday 1st January- New Year’s Day – closed.

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd Jan: 8am-4pm.

The Welsh Senior Loch Style Team held a friendly  competition at  Cwm Hedd today to help them get to Lough Lien  in Ireland next May. Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 29th December 2015

Cwm Hedd fly fishing 29th November 2015

Week ending 29th November

“The rain it raineth every day…’ or so it seems, and with with wind speed from 40 to over 50 mph on the weekend, anglers were not surprisingly thin on the ground, especially on Sunday. Luke Thomas  and Ken Pascoe were the only two mad enough to take on the torrential rain and high wind on such a day, with Luke taking one and returning five: three on a bloodworm under an indicator, and three with a white fluff cat and chartreuse an a slow glass line. it was two for Ken, with  another two that decided to engage in long distance self release.


Using a mini-cat and a floating line, Tom Collier took a smashing Troutmasters entry on   Saturday, weighing in at 6lbs 7 ounces. Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing 29th November 2015

Cwm Hedd fly fishing fishing report and news 1st November 2015

It’s been another great fishing week overall, although the unexpected warmth and glorious Saturday sunshine, then the east wind and prevalent misty conditions on Sunday certainly made anglers work  much  harder than those who experienced the bonanza of the week days where conditions were nigh on perfect for fishing.  Still, winter will be upon us soon with plenty of wild weather  more conducive to hiding under the duvet than battling with the elements, so basking in sunshine and high temperatures in the meantime will do very nicely for most of us.

Matt Russell enjoying a beautiful day at Cwm Hedd
Matt Russell enjoying a beautiful day at Cwm Hedd
More stock and tag fish on the way!

A number of you have been asking about tag fish so Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing fishing report and news 1st November 2015

Cwm Hedd fly fishing report and news 19th April 2015

Hello from breezy Bassaleg!

I usually write the blog from the shadowy depths of my cottage, but as I’m posting the blog today rather than Monday or Tuesday I am writing it in the lodge and looking out over the lake.  The sun has been shining all day,  but it’s been very ‘bracing’ to say the least .  Fortunately the forecast looks to be improving over the next week.


More rainbows 6lbs and over arrived with the general stock this week and several were brought to the bank, then returned very carefully. Continue reading Cwm Hedd fly fishing report and news 19th April 2015